Kanine Kisses   Puggle Information
What is a Puggle??

Puggle – A new highly popular cross-breed dog created by combining a Pug with a Beagle. The
Puggle is often linked with starting the “Designer Dog” era. In 2005 the Puggle was a guest on
the Today’s Show. Since then their popularity has skyrocketed.

Size: Puggles are 13-15 inches tall & weigh 20-30 pounds

Colors: Fawn, White, Black, and Multi-Colored

Activity Level: Moderate to high. The Puggle is an active an energetic dog. However, due to its
small size daily walks or a quick run in the park will suffice.

Maintenance: Low maintenance. Because of their short coat Puggle do not require extensive
coat brushing, bathing, ect. Although they are active they make great city pets because their
exercise requirements can easily fulfilled with a daily walk in the park.

Training: The Puggle can be a challenge to train, but that is not due to lack of intelligence.
They can often be stubborn. However, the proper training sessions will easily make your
Puggle the smartest dog on the block.

Barking: Barking can vary greatly from dog to dog. However, Puggle are not notorious for
their bad barking habits. Yet, they can become problematic if not trained properly.

Puggles are a relatively new hybrid dog breed produced by
mating a select female Beagle to a select male Pug- resulting in a very
sweet-tempered, affectionate (but not yippy, hyper, or insecure) pup that is
very low-maintenance family-friendly (great with children and other dogs),
loose-skinned, wrinkly-faced, endearing in both personality and looks. Well
into their adult lives, they exemplify the best of what dogs are all about-
loyalty, companionship, and affection; translating into a breed that is very
eager to please its owner. It has been proven over time that Puggle owners
feel their Puggles change their own family chemistry for the better giving
everyone a "lift" by their happy, can-do natures. As well, they are durable,
hardy dogs that can easily take a bit of rough-housing (boys love them for
this.) Girls appreciate their affectionate, lap-loving qualities.
Due to their elongated snouts, breathing problems are not a problem; as
well, the eyes do not bulge on puggles. Puggles do not show the Beagle
tendency to run- rather, their greatest delight seems to be to be in their
owner's presence: this quality tends to keep them close to you (they love to
be cuddled!). Typical of most hybrid breeds, Puggles display no congenital
defects or particular health concerns. Like all straight-haired dog breeds,
puggles do shed; however, their relatively short coat and small size
minimizes this problem. Puggles get to be 14-20 lbs. as adults, are 13-15"
high at the shoulder, typically have a curly tail, are tan with a black
muzzle- earning them the nickname of "miniature mastiffs".
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