Kanine Kisses ~ Helpful

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Our dogs and puppies are free-fed which means they have dry
food available to them at all times. If you continue to feed in
this manner, experts say that this will help alleviate a dog's
chances of over-eating and becoming over-weight later in life.

All our dogs beginning at 8 weeks of age receive a daily
supplement of "Omega 3 Plus" - an Omega 3 fatty acid
supplement. This aids in healthy coat, teeth and skin.
Our pregnant and lactating females receive Thomas'
Veterinary Holistic Health "Whelp Help" as well the breeding
bitch vitamin supplement. These are natural herbal and vitamin
supplements to aid in pregnancy, lactation and delivery of
healthy puppies.

Wormer and Vaccinations:

All our puppies are given de-wormer every two weeks. Up until
6 weeks, they are given Nemex-2.  After 8 weeks, they are
given Safe-guard and Ivermectin for Heartworm prevention.
After 12 weeks, they are wormed on a once-a-month schedule.
Our adults are wormed each month with Safe-guard and
Ivermectin for Heartworm prevention.

Each puppy receives a 5 way vaccination at 6, 9 and 12 weeks.
At 12 weeks, they are also vaccinated for rabies.

Our adult dogs are vaccinated for rabies and given the 5 way
shots once a year in March.

Products We Use and Reccomend:

Chews and Treats:
Greenies and Nutro treats. Goat and cow hooves and bbq'd
cow femurs.  Gross, I know, but they love them!

Grooming Supplies:
Andis professional clippers - if you get a Schnauzer or any dog
who requires coat clipping - these are priceless to you! They
are worth the extra money and will save you so much time.
A good pin brush with natural bristles on one side and pin
brush on the other.
Fine toothed comb.
Curry Comb.
Pointed end scissors.
Any brand of ear cleaner and cotton balls.
Finger toothbrush.
Biogroom Flea Shampoo
Oster Show White Whitening Shampoo
Tomlyn Nova-Pearls Dry Skin Shampoo with Salycilic Acid

Housebreaking supplies:
Puppy pads
Enzyme Odor Eliminator - "Kids 'n' Pets" from Walmart is

Puppy Specific:
Nutri-cal - for toy or very small puppies to help with
Cottage cheese in case they're picky about eating.
Small infant nail trimmers.
Puppy pads.
I reccomend buying a pack of cheap hand towels to use as
bedding. That way you have several of them to wash and have
on hand in case of potty accidents.
Water bottle for outside of crate. It works well to have fresh
water available that your puppy can't play in or knock over
inside his cage.
Bowl that attaches to inside of crate or "coop cup" (used in
bird cages) for food inside the crate.

We use inexpensive cat litter pans with micro-fiber blankets
inside.  It is very easy to wash the blankets often and
disinfect the pan.