Find the puppy for you?
Want to reserve her before someone else
If you have found the puppy you want, please do the following.

1.   Call or email us and let know which puppy you want and how you
intend to pay your deposit. Please give us the name and description of
the puppy as well as your name and contact information.
We accept cash or debit/credit cards with a 5% payment processing
fee. If you are out of state, you may pay with a postal money order,
but it must over nighted.  We will also accept Western Union. We will
not hold your puppy until the money order if physically in our hand.  
No exceptions.

2.   Click here for our deposit contract. You must sign, print and
return this to us before we will reserve your puppy.

2.  Make your payment with one of the above options.  If you're using
a credit/debit card, please call to complete your payment.

3. Next, determine if you want your puppy delivered, shipped or
picked up locally, etc. Please see our
Shipping and Delivery page.

4. Meet your new best
Kanine friend!
Kanine Kisses  ~ Reserve a