What type of payments do we accept?

To make a payment or place a deposit, please email or text
817-237-9932 and request an invoice.

For deposits or payments, we accept credit or debit cards with a 5%
payment processing fee. At pick up time, we accept cash or
debit/credit cards with a 5% payment processing fee.

We Do NOT accept personal checks.

Why do we charge 5% to use a credit or debit card?

We have a merchant services account to be able to accept credit and
debit cards for those customers who prefer to pay that way.
We pay a monthly fee for this service as well as a per transaction fee.  
These fees become considerable over time.
For the service and convenience of accepting your credit card or debit
card, we charge the 5% transaction fee.

Puppy Layaway - Holding a puppy and making payments
In some instances, we will hold a puppy and accept installment payments.
A little like layaway! It all depends upon each individual situation. The
cost for this service is $20 per week while the puppy is in my care and
until you pay for the puppy in full. All payments made are
non-refundable. Please contact us for more details.

Holding Puppies for Special Occasions
We will hold puppies for birthdays, Christmas, etc. We hold puppies
free of charge (aside from the required deposit) for Special
Occasions until 9 weeks of age. After the puppy is 9 weeks old and
weaned, we charge a $3 per day boarding fee until they go home with
you.  We will let you know ahead of time when we will start charging $3
per day.
Kanine Kisses   Payment