Kanine Kisses
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Kanine Kisses
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© 2005-2015
Kanine Kisses
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© 2005-2015
Kanine Kisses

Meet our Miniature Beagle Puppies!

Our beagle puppies are 13 inch beagles which some people refer to as "pocket" or
"Miniature". It refers to their height at the shoulder which is usually around 13 inches.
Their estimated weight at maturity is 15-20 pounds, but that is only an estimate and is not

All our puppies are raised in our house being handled by children daily. They are crate
trained, kept current on preventative care and well socialized.

Our puppies are bred from
registered and healthy stock free of hereditary disease. We
do not sell our puppies with registration papers. They are sold as family pets only.
Local pick up is available as well as nationwide hand delivery. Personal, hand delivery cost
varies based on flights, location and travel time. Please email me for an estimate. It
typically ranges from $700-1,200.

Please see the following link for more information on
deposits and holding a puppy.
email with any questions.
Scroll Down for info and pictures of our available babies.
Please be aware:
Pictures make puppies look larger
than they really are!
Please look at estimated mature  and
picture references for a better idea
of size.
Kanine Kisses
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Meet Bear
Male Fawn Puggle

Meet Rosie
emale Tri-color Miniature Beagle
Born November 25, 2019
Rosie is current on all preventative care, is crate trained, well
socialized with children and other pets, is currently in potty
training boot camp and ready to go home with you any time.
To estimate her current size, please see the picture with the
can of soda.

Click below to see
Rosie's videos

Rosie 1
Rosie 2
Rosie 3