When picking up your new puppy, you will need to sign this guarantee. Please
read through it and ask any questions you may have.
PLEASE! Make an appointment at your vet ahead of time to have your puppy
examined. Sometimes it's difficult to get an appointment last minute and you
only have 48 hours from the date of purchase to have an examination
performed for the purposes of this guarantee.
Thank you!
Please click here for a printable version of this guarantee.
Kanine Kisses

Puppy Health Guarantee and Contract

Date: ______________________   Breed: _________________________

Payment method: __________________________Amount: _____________________

Registry and Litter#______________________________________________

DOB: _______________________Dam: _______________________Sire: ____________________________

This puppy or dog is being sold as pet quality. We recommend spaying and neutering.

What this guarantee covers:
This guarantee covers problems that your vet discovers at your initial visit which affect the dog’s health and are
incurable. Example - major organ functions (heart disease, kidney failure, etc.), hereditary and congentital defects
that are life-threatening or seriously impair a dog’s ability to live and enjoy a normal life.

What this guarantee does not cover:
This guarantee does not cover disorders that may be caused by environmental factors including but not limited to:
allergies (skin or otherwise), demodectic or sarcoptic mange, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), autoimmune
disorders, Coccidiosis, Giardiasis, diarrhea and Kennel Cough.
This guarantee does not cover umbilical hernias, underbite or overbite, thyroid dysfunction, internal or external
parasites, heart murmurs, and complications resulting from Brachycephalic Syndrome in short-snouted breeds
(Boxers, Boston Terriers, etc.).This guarantee does not cover any defect that does not show up at the first
veterinarian visit. Colds, flus, injuries, etc. that are minor and curable are not covered.  Your new puppy or dog has
been given all the immunizations and de-wormings appropriate for its age and has been carefully protected from
exposure to dog diseases. Please be careful to protect your puppy until it receives all three of recommended shots
(with the 3rd occurring at 12 weeks of age). Our guarantee does not cover a puppy illness or death due to disease
after the sale.
We do not guarantee color, size, conformation, temperament or personality, breeding or showing capability or
testicles dropping. I will give you my educated opinion as far as what I think the puppy will be as an adult - color,
size, etc., but make no guarantees as such.

To make use of this guarantee:
To validate this guarantee, a licensed veterinarian must examine the puppy within 48 hours of the date the contract is
signed, excluding holidays and Sundays when the vet is closed. In the case of a puppy being bought on a Sunday or
holiday, you are expected to take the puppy to the vet within two days of that holiday or Sunday - for example - if
you buy the puppy on Sunday, you must take him to the vet by Wednesday. Health problems that are not detected
at this initial vet visit will not be covered by this guarantee.


Should there be a defect covered by this guarantee, the puppy will be exchanged with one of equal value when one
is available, or your money will be refunded if no puppy comes available within 3 months of this contract date.
Terms for puppy replacement or refund are as follows:
1.  Contact us the day of your vet visit and inform us of the defect. Leave a message if no answer or send an email.
2.  Provide written proof from your vet to ours as to the nature of the problem.
3.  Return the animal alive in the same condition you bought it within 24 hours of notification of the defect.
4.  Bring back all registration papers with the dog when you return it. This guarantee is void if you do not return all
registration papers.

If you are ever unable to keep your puppy for whatever reason, please contact us. We will do our best to help you
and find a new home for your puppy.
I signify that this puppy looks in general good health and I have examined the puppy to my satisfaction. I see no
visible signs of illness in this dog.  I have read and understood the terms of this contract and agree to abide by them.

Buyer: __________________________________ Date: __________________

Seller: ___________________________________Date:___________________

Please furnish the following information:
Name: ________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

City and State:____________________________________________________________


Primary Phone #: _______________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________
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